Youth Reformation


The YRI programs are faith based core programs designed to introduce the youth to principles regarding character building, behavior modification, etiquette, self-care, sexuality and relationships, bullying, teen dating violence, career development, drugs, alcohol, and gang violence.


Resident's Activities Program:

A highly structured after-school program designed to enhance the quality of life for the youth grades and their parents/guardians through teaching, training, counseling, and mentoring. Students will receive homework assistance, tutoring, and counseling. Students will participate in small group activities, personal enrichment classes, recreation and much more.




Excel Program


The Excel Program (formerly Charm School and Gentleman’s Academy) is a life skills course for 6th thru 12th grade students offering classes in self-esteem, personality, social etiquette, sexuality & relationships and basic hygiene. Students are assigned team mentors to follow them throughout the program.

This course is designed to give methods for building confidence, improving inner and outer appearances as well as spiritual guidance for personal development.The ultimate goal of the program is to encourage students to eliminate negative behaviors and attitudes, and to excel towards their promising future.


College and Career Preparatory Academy

The College and Career Preparatory Academy is a six (6) week summer course designed to educate the youth ages 14- 19 in career planning, job readiness and preparation for entrance into institutions of higher learning.