Family Restoration Intervention Services


The vision of the Intervention Programs is to break the cycle of violence by educating, empowering, and enhancing the lives of those affected by domestic violence by focusing on the whole person, spirit, soul, and body, for complete and total restoration. Our focus is to increase the safety of victims, their families, and the community from continued acts of domestic violence by providing intervention services.

Domestic Violence Intervention Support Group for Women
The program for women is a 12-week counseling, motivational, educational, and supportive program for mothers/women who have been in abusive intimate relationships. The Women’s intervention program meets simultaneously with the children’s groups.

Domestic Violence Support Group for Children
The program is designed for children who either witnessed abuse or experienced domestic violence. It is a 12-week counseling, educational, and supportive program that provides emotional support through their healing process.

Domestic Violence Intervention Group for Batterers State Prison Program
The 12 week intervention program is an educational program for men who have been abusive in their family relationships (partners, women and/or children). The intervention group focuses on abusive attitudes and behaviors.

It is designed to teach men to take responsibility for their actions, and realize that they have made a choice in hitting and using other forms of violence on their partners and family members. The program offers men intensive training and new skills for self-management, communication, problem solving, and empathy for others. It also motivates men to think critically about how they minimize, rationalize, and justify their own violence.